New YouTube Video

Wire baskets from Dollar General

My new YouTube video is up for the week. This video teaches you how to make hay mangers from simple Dollar General store wire baskets. I was able to find enough baskets to make one for all my cages. But, these baskets do seem to be seasonal items and I had to go to three stores before I found enough. I will be on the lookout for more that will also work. These were the perfect size also, not too small or big.

Wire Baskets

I have had hay mangers in the past, but they were plastic and didn’t always last long. Depending on the rabbits personality, they may chew on them or completely destroy them. These should last for a very long time and hold a good amount of hay. My rabbits are given “free choice hay” which means they have it available to them at all times. These baskets hold the perfect amount.

Cutting wire basket

Attaching to Cage

Once they are finished, they are easy to attach to the sides of the cage using plastic “zip ties”. I keep these on hand for all kinds of different projects here at the farm. They seem to last quite a while and I haven’t had a sneaky enough bunny figure out how to chew them yet! Wire would also work great to attach them. I like to use things I have around and not have to purchase anything else.

Hay manager in the cage

YouTube Channel

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