Angora Jewelry Available

I worked all day today to get the finishing touches on some very special angora jewelry products. These are limited edition dyed angora bracelets and earrings. I have always loved the natural color of my rabbits and most of my jewelry has been created from that. But, I had a special project I was working on and fell in love with these brightly dyed yarns. I had some leftovers so I decided to create some special limited edition jewelry for the website.

Angora Earrings

What is available

Everything is on the website that is available can be found here . The yarn was dyed in small batches so what is listed, is all that I have. Shipping is free right now also! I really enjoyed dying my angora yarn to work on this. There is a new season coming soon, my favorite season as a matter of fact, which may include some new colors to go along with it. (hint, hint) Stay tuned for the next launch!

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