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Exciting News!

I started off 2023 with plenty of big hopes, dreams, goals and aspirations. Let me explain, I have been working on this “hobby business” for 20 years now. I started looking into fiber animals for small acreage (we had one acre of land at the time). Taking a drop spindle class and learning how to spin was the next step. That night at the class I sat down at a spinning wheel for the first time and felt as if I had done this before.

Along the way I have had fiber goats (pygora), alpacas, and all sorts of Angora rabbits, all on that small one-acre farm. Also, along the way were five kiddos, seven years apart, foster care, adoption, daycare, and homeschooling all of them along the way. I was busy, but loved the life I was living. But I made sure I kept my focus on what was important in that season. As much as I loved spinning, yarn, and creating, I knew I couldn’t let that take the place of what I had been called to.

Where I am Now

Fast forward to today, all of my kids are in their 20’s (the oldest turns 30 this year! What?!?!). All of them are now living their own lives. My “baby” is still here, but not for long as he is finishing college this spring and moving on. The last few years have been another difficult milestone of taking care of aging parents and everything that comes with it. They are both gone now and sometimes that gap is difficult.

Here’s to 2023

I say all that to say this, 2023 is the year that I make no more excuses and have no more reasons. Last year brought us to our dream property with 5 acres! Of course, the first thing to come to my mind is filling it with fiber, but that’s for another email. My passion for fiber arts and spinning has brought me to the place of jumping in with both feet and doing something big. So, without further ado, I am so excited to announce that I have become an official Spinolution Spinning Wheel dealer!

I purchased my first one, a Monarch, about a year and a half ago. I fell in love with the design, style and ease of spinning. Last week I was approved as a dealer and have two more wheels heading my way. The Pollywog, and the Echo should be arriving on my doorstep soon. There will be unboxing videos, assembly videos, and spinning videos coming soon to the YouTube channel. I have added links to both the channel and to Spinolution. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

P.S. More products coming to the shop here http://www.tailspinfarm.com

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