I’m Renee, we live in the middle of the Michigan Mitt by a lake in our dream home. Our little farm started 17 years ago on a one acre farm and chickens were my “gateway drug” into farming. That farm included French and English Angora rabbits, pygora goats, alpacas, heritage breed turkeys, chickens, large gardens, fruit trees and a wonderful place to raise and homeschool our five children. Two years ago Hubby and I decided to take the leap into our 20 year dream of moving to lake front home,

I have many passions; too many to keep up with some days, but my love of home and everything I do here has morphed into a love of “lost arts and skills”. A drop spindle class 15 years ago turned into a search for small acreage fiber animals, and the angora rabbits came a year later. The goats and alpacas were a wonderful addition to our farm and slowing started my passions for fiber arts and spinning, The angora fiber is my creative outlet to spin beautiful yarn. My work has been showcased in a NYC boutique, and on the pages of Mary Janes Farm  and American Livestock Magazine. I teach hand spinning classes and participate in teaching children about fiber arts. I also have participated in many crafts shows and farmers markets along the way.