Snap Angora Cuff Handmade Jewelry




If you enjoy unique, handmade jewelry, this hand made cuff is like nothing you’ve seen before. Handspun Angora yarn turned into beautiful jewelry. Soft, lightweight, and gorgeous, this cuff will add that special touch to any outfit! I hand spin fiber from my flock of Angora rabbits. Then, I take that yarn and crochet it into these beautiful bracelets. I also create earrings, and necklaces that would give you an entire set of handmade jewelry find them here. These have a faux leather snap closure and will fit most people*.

All of my rabbits are handled and cared for daily and they are NEVER harmed in the process. Grooming is essential for the health of Angora rabbits. They are gently combed to harvest the fur and then spun into the gorgeous yarn to create this beautiful, handmade jewelry piece. They are approximately 9″ long and 2″ wide. I have white, dark gray and light gray available at this time. I am also doing dyed colors on request. If you would love to have a different color beyond the natural ones you see here, contact me! I would love to create a personalized handmade jewelry item just for you!

*If you feel these dimensions are too big or small, please contact me and I’ll be glad to do a custom order. (remember there is some “give” because they are crocheted)

You can find out more of my daily life with bunnies on my Instagram . You can also see some of the products we have available from our yarn here.


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